Septic Services, Repairs & New Installation

As recognized leaders in the field, let us be your choice to install baseline septic systems or aerobic treatment units for any new construction or replacement of existing septic systems. Martin Septic Service offers free full service septic estimates on all new installations and on repairs/replacement of your system. There are different types of septic services, repairs and replacement options for your system.

We will try to accomplish in a timely manner to best serve you, keeping in mind every home is different, therefore, every septic system repair is different. Heavy equipment may be needed to effectively complete some of these jobs.

Aerobic Treatment Units

Florida law requires many homes in Florida to have an aerobic treatment unit installed. These units require an annual operating permit fee through the state of Florida, as well as an annual inspection with a licensed septic contractor. Martin Septic Service currently maintains approximately 1,500 of these systems.

Martin Septic Service is full service septic services company certified by the following manufacturers: AquaKlear, Delta Whitewater, Clearstream, HOOT, Cajun Aire/Alliance, BEST, Singulair, Hydro-action, Alliance, and FAST.

Septic Services By Experts

Our company employs highly trained and experienced technicians who have the ability to evaluate and repair any issues you may be having with you aerobic treatment unit. Our familiarity and knowledge allows us to work in a efficient manner to make sure your systems are running properly.

Tank Pumping

Pumping Septic Tanks

Maintaining your septic system is as important as routine maintenance on your vehicle. To ensure longevity and proper functioning of your septic system, it is recommended you have your system serviced on a regular basis (every 3–5 years).

By pumping, you are removing the sludge which builds up in the tank before it reaches your drainfield. This also reduces the strength of hydrogen sulfide that builds in the open air space of a septic tank.

Keep in mind that a septic tank and drainfield are located underground; therefore the sod and some landscaping may be disturbed in the area of the system.

Septic System Inspections & Tank Certifications

When purchasing a new home, it is important for you to schedule a home inspection. You need to make sure your home inspection includes the septic system. During this septic services inspection, Martin Septic will locate and pump the septic tanks (yes some properties can have more than 1!) to perform inspection of the tank looking for any signs of deterioration or possible corrosion.

We also check to make sure the tank is structurally sound and water tight. The tank size, type of tank (concrete, fiberglass or poly), and integrity of tank will be noted on the inspection form. Also noted will be whether the tank is baffled and outlet filter or deflection device is present.

The pumping portion of the inspection can be waived by the customer; however, without pumping, the technician cannot attest as to whether the tank can be certified.

Once the tank is pumped, the technician will begin inspecting the drainfield. The technician will run water to the drainfield from the outlet end of the septic tank for approximately 20-30 minutes to ensure the drainfield is accepting water and functioning properly at the time of the inspection. According to the EPA, the life expectancy of a drainfield is approximately 17 years.

Picture in your mind a sponge and the purpose of a sponge is to absorb water. Once the sponge is saturated, there is no place for the water to go. A drainfield works the same way, once saturated it will begin backing up into the home. The technician will note drainfield material/type.