What is an Aerobic Treatment System?

Basically this is a smaller scale sewage treatment system similar to a septic tank system. The difference between the two lies in the way the wastewater is processed. Florida law requires many homes in Florida toPicture of aerobic treatment system have an aerobic treatment unit installed. These units require an annual operating permit fee through the state of Florida, as well as an annual inspection with a licensed septic contractor. Martin Septic Service currently maintains over 1,500 of these systems.

Martin Septic Service is certified by the following manufacturers: AquaKlear, Delta Whitewater, Clearstream, HOOT, Cajun Aire/Alliance, BEST, Singulair, Hydro-action, Alliance, and FAST.

Our company employs highly trained and experienced technicians who have the ability to evaluate and repair any issues you may be having with you aerobic treatment unit. Our familiarity and knowledge allows us to work in an efficient manner to make sure your systems are running properly. Interested to know more, check out our blog and all the great news and money saving information we post.

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We service AquaAire and AquaSafe as Aerobic Treatment Units