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Why Do I Need Septic Tank Pumping? In Florida we have two ways that wastewater is removed from the house and processed. One method is through a septic tank and drainfield located right on the property. The second method is through and city or county maintained sewer system. Since the earth and really each community has their own supply of fresh water available, it is important this is protected and renewed.

The method of treating wastewater allows the water to eventually be absorbed back into the environment and naturally renewed for use again. Freely discharging wastewater, also known as sewer water, into creeks, rivers or the ocean without property treatment can lead to increase disease and sickness in our communities. Let’s examine the septic tank system, how it functions and when you need septic tank pumping on a routine service.

What is a Septic Tank?

When your house is not located in a city or county area serviced by a sewer system your house will have a septic tank and drainfield. If you are purchasing your first house, or even a new house you will want to ask the realtor which type of system your house has been connected. We have written an article about septic systems and how they work, so we aren’t going to explain everything here. A septic tank is exactly what is sounds like, a large tank that has been buried in the ground on your property.

This tank is where the water that leaves your house through drains goes. When the water enters the tank, the water sits in this tank for a period of time. This allows the water to settle and the heavier debris in the water will fall to the bottom of the tank. The water, also called effluent, is located near the top of the tank.

At preset intervals based on time or level of the water in the tank, the water is pumped into the drainfield. This drainfield allows the water from the septic to enter this biological drainfield in measured amounts. Allowing naturally occurring beneficial bacteria to clean the water as it is absorbed back into the ground. The septic tank will eventually get full. So when do you know it’s full, and how do you know you need septic tank pumping?

When Do You Need Septic Tank Pumping?

The easy answer is when the tank is full. Knowing your tank is full can be challenging. In most cases you should get your septic tank inspected every time you need septic tank pumping. Our technicians will make sure everything is working properly. Then we will note the size of the system and based on the size of your family and water usage we can give you and idea when your next service should take place.

Regular maintenance will keep the system working and will help to eliminate surprises at 2am. Another way to know when your tank needs pumping is when the toilets and drains are slow. You should call us and we can take a look. If you don’t heed this warning, the next thing you might notice is sewage coming back up through drains in your house. There are other signs of a failing septic tank that we wrote about in a previous article. So you should make sure take the maintenance of your septic tank seriously!

Martin Septic Service is the most experienced when you need septic tank pumping company in Southwest Florida. We can help with minor repairs, to full replacement and new installations. Check out all the services we offer. Even if your property is located on a barrier island, we are the only local company with the ability to tackle these challenging installations. We look forward to hearing from you so give us a call or complete our online request.

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