What is a mini sewer or a low pressure sewer (LPS) system?

First lets understand the basics of the local LPS systems here in Charlotte County. Florida as you notice is flat. In fact there is so little grade that it is impossible for the county sewers to work properly without lifting the wastewater up in certain areas so that gravity can move it to the treatment plants. In the local are a system calls a Low Pressure Sewer or LPS system is used. There are many areas that use this system including around the Rotunda area just west of Port Charlotte.

How does a LPS work?

The system includes a control panel, interceptor tank and a sump chamber unit housing a small sewage Picture of Charlotte County LPS Systempump. Wastewater from showering, washing dishes, and cleaning the laundry flows into the tank. The small sewage pump sends this liquid to a main county pressure line which takes it to a central sewer plant for final treatment.

Installing and servicing LPS systems

If you need to have an LPS system installed or serviced contact us. We will help you diagnose the problem and provide the needed solutions. There may be other options available that you are not familiar with and we can help guide you to the right solution.

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