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Do you know when your septic tank was pumped and inspected?

Septic tank pumping is as important as routine maintenance on your vehicle. To ensure longevity Picture of Septic Tank Pumpingand proper functioning of your system, it is recommended you have your septic tank pumped and serviced on a regular basis, every 3–5 years here in Florida. The time between pump outs can be affected by use. If you have a garbage disposal or lots of kids (think extra baths and laundry) your clean out time may be more frequent. By pumping, you are removing the sludge which builds up in the tank before it reaches your drain field. This also reduces the strength of hydrogen sulfide that builds in the open air space of a septic tank.

When Septic Tank Pumping is Needed

If you notice your toilets or drains are very slow or not going down, you could have a clog, or your septic tank may be needing to be pumped out. Martin Septic offers affordable septic pump outs all over our service area in Southwest Florida. When do septic tank pumping, we will also inspect the system to make sure there isn’t a bigger problem that needs to be addressed. If we do find a problem or a repair that is needed, we have the experience to complete any repairs as well. We even provide the best warranty in the area for any new installations or replacement systems.

Keep in mind that a septic tank and drain field are located underground; therefore the sod and some landscaping may be disturbed in the area of the system.

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