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Most homeowners rarely think about a septic system failure until well, there is a problem. One of the most common questions is when should I call a plumber and when should I call Martin Septic? The answer lies with some tell tale signs that can help you determine if a drain is clogged or your septic tank needs service.

  • If you notice any of the following give us a call!
  • Wastewater backing up into your sinks, bathtubs, showers or toilets
  • The grass around your septic drain field is spongy when you walk on it and super green
  • You notice pooling water, or mud around your drain field even in dry weather
  • Strong smell of odor from your septic tank or drain field area.

These symptoms do not mean you definitely have a problem, however should prompt you to give us a call to set up a service call.

If your sink, bathtub or toilet seems to drain very slowly, first start by check out other drains. If more than one drain seems slow give us a call. When one drain is slow and all others seem to be normal you could simply have a clogged drain. Of course refer to your records and see when the last time your septic tank was cleaned out…if its been 3 years or more, you should schedule a regular maintenance clean out any way. We will also inspect your tank and let you know if we notice any other issues that need attention to keep your system operating properly.

Trees Grow Great Can Cause A Septic System Failure!

Please don’t plant trees and bushes over your drain field! We know they grow great and have an unlimited source of water, even when it is dry. Trees and bushes send their roots looking for water. If you plant on a drain field or even close by, the roots can cause all kinds of problems. Roots can block drains, crack pipes, jam up motors and make it all the way into your house. The damage can be substantial. Knowing where your drain field is and keeping the area clear of invasive plants will help your system work correctly longer. Next time you have that BBQ at your house and you have all the cars and limited places to park, don’t park on your drain field or septic tank. The extra weight can crush drain pipes, crack your tank and more. If you think you have a problem or a septic system failure, give us a call. We can answer basic questions and help determine if we should inspect your system.

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