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Marketing, fancy graphics and commercials can convince us that we need certain products, even septic additives. RID-X is one that claims its product helps the life of your septic tank. As you might have read in our other blogs, regular maintenance, inspection and cleaning of your septic system will ensure a long life. So what’s the deal, what are these products and do they actually work? Or are you basically flushing money down the drain? Lets look at some info to get to the bottom of this.Septic Additives

So What Are Septic Additives?

First let’s review how you septic tank works. While your septic tank is in use, solid waste builds up on the bottom of the septic tank, while fats and oils float up at the top. As you can imagine, this build up of waste takes up more and more space, until there’s no longer room for the clear liquid in the middle. When you get to this point, it’s when your system needs to be pumped. Many companies will tell you (or sell you on the fact) their septic additives can break down those solids, so the tank doesn’t fill up as fast, and the system doesn’t need to be pumped as often.

If you find yourself in the septic aisle, you will find 2 different types of additives being sold. The first type is biological additives, which claim to make use of bacteria and enzymes to help break down the solids at the bottom of the tank. The second type is the chemical additives which are mostly sulfuric acid based and have other similar active ingredients which work to break up the grease and oil which are floating at the septic tank. Basically when you buy either of these additives, you take them home and flush them down your toilet. So are you basically flushing away your money, or do they actually work? Lets see.

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Do They Actually Work?

As a septic system expert for decades here in Florida, we have seen the results of using these additives. Biological septic additives are safer by far for the environment than the chemical alternative. They are actually natural and they do break biological material and we haven’t noticed any damage to the tanks themselves. But the real question is, do they actually work.

A quick search on Google and you will find a number of colleges that have conducted studies on the use and consequences of using these biological versions of septic additives. Whats interesting is that there really is no proof that they actually work…nor to specifically show they don’t work.

Now on to the chemical options. Septic additives don’t help your septic system and can actually harm both it and the environment. Chemical additives are particularly harmful. Not only do they break down solid waste, but they actually can corrode the tank itself. The chemicals can also leach out through the drain field and contaminate the surrounding soil and even the groundwater.

Well the bottom line is that your better off saving your money and investing in regular septic maintenance. If you have a septic system and its time for a check up, or you don’t remember the last time you had your septic inspected, complete this form to get your free estimate now.

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