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We are native to Florida and continue to work on thousands of septic systems every year here in Southwest Florida. Many of our customers are moving in from other locations around the country. We welcome you to Florida! Owning a home here can be quite different than other homes you have owned outside of Florida.

If you have any questions about a septic system on a house you own or are thinking about purchasing, please give us a call and learn about Martin Septic Service. Allow our family and knowledgeable staff answer any questions.

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Martin Septic Service

We have been in business since 1986, our family owned and operated company is committed to “Protecting Our Groundwater…One Septic System at a Time.” We pledge to be a leader in Florida by introducing the latest in septic system technology, investing in the newest equipment and software, educating our employees, and providing services to help protect our groundwater.

Our company employs highly trained personnel in the field of onsite (septic) systems whom are continuously educated on the different types of systems, as well as, all code requirements and changes in the industry.

As employees and owners of our business, we are motivated to meeting the needs of our customers. Our goal is to educate the public regarding proper use and maintenance of their residential and commercial septic systems.

Martin Septic Service, Inc. has been an active member of the Charlotte-DeSoto Building Industry Association (CDBIA) since 2002, as well as the Florida Onsite Wastewater Association (FOWA) since 1997, where Martin Guffey, served on the Board of Directors from 2009 to 2010 and 2010 to 2011; Executive Board/Secretary 2011-2012 & 2013-2014 and Executive Board/Treasurer from 2014 to present.

He has represented FOWA by serving on TRAP (Technical Review and Advisory Panel) Committee that assists in writing legislation and rules governing the onsite industry since 2013 and an alternate on the Variance committee since 2015.  Martin has also been a past member of FEHA from 2006-2013.

Maintaining Your Septic System

5 Year Drainfield Warranty

Protecting Our Ground Water One Septic System at a Time

Septic system questions, repairs or installs. We are ready to help get the job done!