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It’s annoying, septic tank odors can be bad! Where does it come from? Does your septic tank need cleaned out? Let’s look at a couple of items that can cause the smell in the first place and what you can do to…well…clear the air!

Check Traps and Drains

Each drain in your house has a trap. This U-shaped piece of drain pipe hold just a bit of water at all times. This creates a water seal that prevents smells from coming back into your house through the drains. You should check all your drains, especially any that are not used often. A shower in a guest room, or floor drain thats rarely used are often the source. The water will evaporate out of the trap allowing the smells to enter your home.

Wax Seals

Every toilet in your home is sitting on a wax seal that again prevents water and septic tank odors from leaking into you home. Over time these wax seals may dry out which could lead to odors getting back into your home. Of course you may be limited in what you can do around your home. You certainly don’t want to pull up all your toilets to check wax seals either. It may be best to call in a professional plumber.

Have Your Septic Tank Inspected

You should have your septic system inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. A septic system is designed to prevent sewage and septic tank odors from entering your home. You should walk outside near your tank and drainfield to check if you smell it outside. If your septic tank is overfilled or leaking, you will smell it outside. The odor may not be coming in through your pipes after all. They could be coming in through a window, window fan or event the HVAC system for your home.

If you have a question about your septic tank, call the professionals at Martin Septic. We can help keep your septic system running.

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