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Septic system types, how they function and which ones are best, is probably not your first choice when it comes to reading material. We understand that when you are looking for information regarding your septic system, you want clear understandable information. This article is going to focus on some of the types of septic systems in use today. Then you will be able to understand what type you have or need at your property.


What is a Septic System?

Modern plumbing includes bringing water into the house, and removing the wastewater. In most cases there are two types of ways to processes wastewater. First you may be located in an area that offers municipal collection and treatment of waste. Often times this is referred to as city or county sewage systems. In this instance, wastewater is piped to a location where it is collected in bulk and processed. A second method is to process the wastewater from your home right on your properly. This involves a tank to collect solids. The water is then processed through a drain system that slowly introduces the wastewater to natural biological elements that will breakdown, filter and clean the wastewater.


Septic System Types in Florida

There are a number of different septic system types that are used here for various reasons. Factors that affect this choice include the water volume, the type of soil and location of a drainfield. Next we are going to examine the types available.



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Conventional Septic System


Septic Systems Types
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The conventional septic system has 3 main parts. First there is a tank that separates the solids out and collects them. Then the water flows to a distribution box in order to be send evenly to the drainfield. In the conventional septic system the wastewater, also called effluent, flows through gravel.

cons: This system is rather large, and may not work in smaller lots and neighborhoods.


Chamber Septic System

For the past 30 years a gravelless drainfield has been widely used with the chamber septic system. The development and use of these polystyrene materials that allow for systems that work well in areas that have high water tables. These systems are also great for dwellings where the volume varies greatly through out the year, such as a vacation home. The water flows through the chambers or tubes then come into contact with the soil.


Drip Distribution Septic System


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In principal, this unit is just like the chamber system except for volume. The main difference is a holding tank or dose tank that is needed to manage the flow of water. There is no mound needed and this system can work in a relatively small area. The main disadvantage is the increase in additional components along with electricity and maintenance is needed.


Aerobic Treatment Unit

These are small treatment plants, aerobic treatment unit (ATU) that are installed right on your property. Using oxygen supplied to the tank, the biological breakdown starts in the tank using baffles, air pump and filter. These units are great for small lots, high water tables as well as sensitive water close to the property. These treat the water before its introduced to the drainfield.


Mound Septic Systems

We wrote on these mound septic systems before, and they work like they sound. When ground is shallow, or water table is high, this system might be needed. You are creating a mound then pumping the water to the top of the mound in order for it to be filtered. You can kind of think about it as a vertical drainfield.

cons: mound system require extra space and money and are generally not a first choice in systems.

 Martin Septic System is ready to help you understand your options and design and install the best septic system types for your property. We are your local septic system experts with decades of local experience.

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