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Depending where you have lived in this county septic tanks have been used in some form. There are may different styles and types. We have written in the past about some of the dangers of septic tanks. This month we thought we would take some time to discuss a little more in depth about the fumes of a septic tank. We will answer what kinds of fumes are produced by a septic tank. Next, if they can get back into your home and finally how you can protect your family. We also discuss the importance of calling a certified and licensed septic system servicing company like Martin Septic.

What Gases Are In My Septic Tank?

First let’s take some time and understand what happens in your septic tank and what fumes are produced. Septic tanks are enclosed tanks or containers designed for collection of domestic waste for homes and businesses. As the waste and sewage decomposes it releases gases. These gases include both toxic and non-toxic gases. Usually the most prevalent gas is Methane which can be extremely toxic in high concentrations. Some of the other gases include Hydrogen Sulphide, Ammonia, Carbon-dioxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Sulphur dioxide and sometimes, even carbon monoxide. Which of these components and their concentrations in any tank can differ with the sewage composition, temperature, the pH and even the amount of time since the last septic tank pump out. NEVER GET INTO A SEPTIC TANK unless you have training and a breathing apparatus. If someone has fallen into a tank, call 911 and place fans around the tank to get fresh air to the person. Do not go in after the person. The fumes can be lethal in just a few minutes.

Can Septic Tank Fumes Get Back Into My House?

With scheduled service, clean out and maintenance, you can greatly reduce the chances of our septic tank breaking down. Your septic system was designed to keep harmful fumes out of your home. If you ever smell a foul smell, sometimes like rotten eggs, it might be time to call in the professionals. What you might be smelling is Sulfur with is unpleasant to smell and can be dangerous. Even when you are in you yard you should not have muddy grass or strong sewage smell. These would be indications that you need to give Martin Septic a call.

Who is Charlotte County’s Top Septic Company? Martin Septic!

No doubt you want to hire the most experienced and trusted company to protect your family. For over 30 years Martin Septic has been helping thousands of our neighbors save money on septic repairs. We alway recommend preventative servicing. If you recently bought your home and this is your first time owning a septic system, we can help you learn all the do’s…and of course the don’ts with a septic system. You can always complete our free online request, or give our office a call. We look forward to working with you!

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