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Every owner of a septic system should understand the basics. This will help you diagnose a problem and keep you and your family safe. If you do not understand how septic tanks work and the dangers, it’s possible you or someone you love could lose their life. So what are the 4 lifesaving septic tank safety tips?

Never Work Alone

The first septic tank safety tip invoice working alone. If you need to check on your septic tank, do a visual inspection or something else, have someone assist you. In the event you would fall or be overcome by fumes someone can get you help if needed.

Never Go Into A Septic Tank

This might seem like an easy one to avoid. Not too many people I know would want to get into a dirty septic tank. Perhaps the lid is off and someone fell into the tank. You should NOT go in after them. The fumes can overcome you the rescuer in just a few minutes. We wrote an article about the fumes in a septic tank and why it is so important to avoid being overcome with these gases.

Never Drive Over Your Septic System

Perhaps you are not even sure where our septic drainfield is. When you get your system inspected and serviced by Martin Septic we will teach you about your system. Depending on the size and construction of your septic tank, its possible your car could fall into the tank. Even if this didn’t happen, you are still risking major damage to your system. There is a great article with reminders for not driving on your drainfield.

Understanding your Septic Tank Lid

Each septic tank should have a lid covering the opening. This should not be a sheet of plywood, you need to have a properly fitting lid securing this opening. If you are not aware of your lid or where it is located please give us a call. Every routine inspection includes making sure the lid is secure and safe. Falling into an open septic tank, or through a bad fitting lid causes many people, especially kids to lose their life every year in septic tanks.

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