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A snake in the toilet? You may be a little freaked out to know that this certainly can happen. However, let us help you rest assured knowing this RARELY happens. None the less we get asked and figured it might be a good question to discuss and answer. In just about out any house, when you sit on the toilet there is only about 10 inches of water and lots of curves in the the pipes between you and the outside. Not all snakes can navigate underwater and the ones that do are Florida nonvenomous snakes. Let’s look at how they might make it to your toilet and what kinds of snakes have this ability.

Up From Below

This might seem the most logical a snake somehow gets into your septic system and makes it into your toilet. This can happen if you have a loose or bad fitting lid on your septic tank or another area that is damaged. Snakes won’t seek our your sewage or try to get into your house. However if one were to fall into your tank its possible it might head up a sewage pipe to try and get out. In reports where this has happened it usually has occurred on the first floor of a dwelling. You can image the difficulty of a snake trying to climb up a vertical big with smooth walls. Again, while this is rare it has happened. It’s not just snakes though, frogs, rats, lizards and some bugs can traverse the pipes as well.

Down From Above

Snakes aren’t in the skies so what do we mean. Most likely your sewer system is not a closed system. If you look to your roof you will probably see a vent pipe sticking out of your roof. This is actually a direct path from the opening on the roof to the main sewer line. While there is a curve usually in this pipe it isn’t impossible for a snake to come down from above. This is highly unlikely and whats more, why is is there snake on your roof? Regardless the reason we include this is because it is possible.

Poisonous Septic Snake?

Really, the chances the snake is poisonous is extremely  rare. How many of us want to wait around and find out? We probably would scream and run. Hopefully we remember to close the toilet lid! You certainly don’t want to run out of the bathroom and let the snake climb out and hide!

How Can I Prevent A Snake In The Toilet?

Of course none of us want to ever have this happen to us. The best way to prevent this is to have your septic system periodically cleaned and inspected. This will make certain the lid and any opening are properly sealed. At the same time all the mechanical parts will be inspected as well. Give us a call and if it has been awhile, or you don’t remember the last time you had your septic system inspected, we will take a look for you.

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