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Humans are inquisitive by nature. From a young age our children ask “why”. Unfortunately as adults sometimes we are afraid to ask questions, concerned instead by how we may be perceived. We have put together 6 common septic questions you may wondering yourself. If you have others, please reach out to us so we can help you!

Is the septic pumping service a smelly one?

While we are working on your septic system and pumping out the tank, the covers will be off and there can be odors. This is normal. If there are windows near the septic area of the yard, it may be best to close them. This will help keep any odors from entering your home. After we are complete with our work, any lingering odors should disappear.

Leaching Field? What is it?

We also call the leaching field the drain field. This component of your septic tank has pipes that are anywhere from 20 to 40 feet in length. These pipes have small holes all along the pipes to allow water to drain or “leach out” from your septic tank. As the water leaches out it will travel first through dirt and gravel installed by your septic company. Then the water will filter down through the earth and will become naturally filtered and cleaned. Nature is amazing! We hope you are enjoying these septic questions and answers.

I have read about “proper working level”, what is this?

This is the level of water in your tank when it reaches the “T” outlet of the tank. Since you probably are not sure about the “T outlet” let’s explain. As water enters your tank from the sink or toilet the water level will slightly rise. When the water is at the proper height, approximately the same about of water that enters, will leave. This keeps your tank at a constant level and working properly. When your tank is cleaned and pumped out, the water level will be low, but in a few days to a week, the water will return to the proper level. Holding the proper level of water at all times helps to separate solids and keeping your tank operating as designed until your next scheduled cleaning.

Do I have to buy products and flush them to maintain a healthy septic system?

No. The number 1 thing you can do to help your septic system is to cut down on the use of water. You can install water saving faucets and shower heads. This will help your tank work properly for longer periods requiring less frequent pump outs. The second most important thing is to never flush anything down the toilet that can harm your biologic septic system. Read the next question for more specific items!

How can I remember what is ok to flush down the toilet?

One simple rule to remember. Do not flush anything other than human waste and toilet paper because it does not break down in the septic system correctly. Really no need to list the items not to flush, just remember what you can flush! This will help to keep any pumps, filters and motors from becoming clogged on an item that should not have been flushed. Also a properly working septic tank has no need for adding biologic agents. If you want to learn more, read this article on septic additives.

Can I plant plant flowers or bushes over my leach field?

No. It’s not worth the risk. Roots are a major problem with septic tanks. Planting anything other than grass can introduce a whole host of problems. Roots can damage motors, block drains and crack your tank. Just stick with grass. Oh and never cover with a driveway, asphalt or concrete!

We hope you have enjoyed reading the answers to these 6 septic questions we are often asked. If you can’t remember the last time you had your septic system inspected, why not reach out to us. We can clean and inspect your system. Remember preventative costs are way less than fixing repairs. We have been installing, servicing and fixing septic systems for decades. Let us work for you!

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