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It’s always best to monitor and maintain your septic system so that you will notice any issues before they can become a problem. Early detection will help save you from unnecessary headaches or expense. So when do you need your septic tank cleaned?

Over time, the sludge and scum layers in your septic tank are going to build up. If the levels get too high, it can affect the flow or draining of your system, and lead to big problems. Our septic service professionals can inspect and measure the levels in your tank, and pump it, if needed.

Having your system inspected includes:

  • Measuring the sludge and scum levels
  • Checking the pipes and mechanisms
  • Inspecting the drain field to make sure it’s percolating properly

The average septic system requires the septic tank cleaned every one to three years. It can vary depending on the individual system, as well as the amount of waste that goes into the system. Without regular pumping, the system could overflow – which can create complications, and be costly to fix.


Signs You Need Your Septic Tank Cleaned


If the drains in your home are slow, it may be due to a clog. If you find that there is not a clog in the pipe, it might be that the septic system is full, and not allowing the water to drain.


If you notice water pooling around the drain field in your yard, there’s a good chance your septic system is full and overflowing. When the tank is full, solid waste can clog the pipes and prevent them from draining properly. The liquids are then pushed up to the surface, where they will pool on the lawn.

The overflow liquids can taint groundwater with diseases and bacteria, and also run-off into nearby bodies of water like lakes and creeks. The bacteria can also affect the water supply and contaminate the water people use and drink.

Have a Septic System Question?

We can help you with questions regarding your system, including pump-outs, repairs, scheduled maintenance and replacement. Southwest Florida’s most experienced septic system company!


The grass covering your septic system should look the same as the rest of your lawn. If you notice that it is greener and thicker over the septic field, it could mean that the septic tank is leaking and needs to be checked.


Your septic system collects waste and water from your home and processes it underground where you don’t have to see or smell it. If you ever do smell it out in your yard; that is a definite indicator that your system needs attention.


There is no mistaking a sewage backup. If you ever see sewage coming up into the drains or toilets in your home, that is an unpleasant announcement that your septic tank has reached capacity – and you will need to call a septic care professional immediately!

Septic systems are easy to care for as long as you keep up with the regular maintenance. One of the regular items is knowing when your septic tank need cleaned.

Our septic professionals can inspect your tank and let you know how well your system is working, and also offer advice to help keep it trouble-free. Martin Septic Service has decades of local experience here in Charlotte County Florida. We also service surrounding areas like Cape Coral, North Port Arcadia, Englewood and more. We also service and install lift stations in addition to full septic system installations and replacements. If you are not sure if you should have your septic tank cleaned, give us a call and we can set up an inspection.

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