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If you have a septic system its not something you give much thought, until there is a septic system problems in the middle of the night. We put together four items for you to consider. After reviewing these you might decide its a good idea to have your system checked out. It’s always better and in most cases less expensive for preventative maintenance than emergency repairs. Let’s take a look at the first one.

Larger Family

Perhaps when you built your house, or moved into your home it was just you and your wife. Has there been changes to the water usage inside your home? Perhaps you have more children, or other relatives spending time at your house. This increase in water usage could mean your septic system tank may fill up faster. Not just taking showers but also additional laundry and perhaps an automatic dishwasher as well. If you are not sure if your current septic system is designed for your current usage, then give us a call and we’ll check it out for you. What if you have a problem with a drain? Let’s consider the next sign.

Drains are Slow

A blocked drain or toilet is easy to spot. But what if you start to realize that your drains are a little slow. At first you may not even realize it is a problem. Some think a slow sink drain is because the trap needs cleaned out. Hopefully it is not because you have flushed things down the toilet your shouldn’t have! This is where you need to put on your detective hat. Observe all your toilets and sinks in your house, if you notice more than 1 is slower than normal, you should probably give us a call. A septic system tank is just that, a tank. It will need pumped out and cleaned from time to time. When drains or toilets are slow, it may be a sign that your tank is full and can’t take much more water. This is when you schedule a clean out. We will inspect your tank, pump out if necessary and check all the other vital parts of your system. What if your drains seem fine, but you can’t remember the last time your septic system was inspected. Notice our next point.

How Old Is Your Septic System

If you do not remember when your septic system was serviced last or you do not know the age of your system, then you need a review. Septic systems are designed and engineered to be used for a certain amount to waste, over a certain period of time. This does not mean that old systems need to be replaced, but they should be inspected more often than newer systems. Depending on the soil and the amount of actual use, we have seen older systems last a very long time. Finally if you notice a wet and stinky yard, then what?

Wet, Stinky Yard

If you are mowing your yard and you notice a wet spot, this should raise concern and could be an obvious sign of septic system problems. This is especially true if you have kids. You certainly don’t want your kids playing in the yard near a septic tank that is leaking. Even if it’s not wet and muddy yet, early signs of failure are super green grass areas and even a sewer type smell. If you notice either of these items, you need to get your septic check out as soon as possible. A total failure could lead to flooded yard, destroyed landscaping, grass damage and costly repairs.

All of these items are extremely valuable tips, but still require your attention. Be attentive to your house and yard, always looking for signs, not problems. By keeping these things in mind you can hopefully avoid emergency situations.

Please give us a call at Martin Septic Service, or complete our online form. One of our talented and experienced technicians will contact you and set up a time to look over and inspect.

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