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As we have written about in previous articles, septic systems are specifically designed and built for each property. A balance of wastewater and solids keep the system working properly year after year. We have even provided suggestions on what not to flush into your septic system. Still this question is asked to us quite often. Is it ok to have a garbage disposal with my septic system? If you were to ask this question to the manufactures of the garbage disposals, they will tell you their product is safe for septic systems. For the real answer you need to talk to septic system experts like us at Martin Septic. Let’s look at a few factors so you can decide if you want to install a garbage disposal at your home.

How Your Septic Tank Works With A Garbage Disposal

Septic systems are basically a large tank that separates solids from wastewater. The solids settle to the bottom allowing the excess water on the top of the tank flow into the drainfield. When you add extra solids, like from a garbage disposal you create additional problems.

What Happens Next?d

When you add all this extra waste into your septic tank it will fill up faster. Fats, oils, grease, food particles and more will not break down in the same manner as typical human waste. The manufacture is not lying about the garbage disposal being safe. What they fail to tell you is that your septic tank may need pumped out 2 or 3 times as often to those same systems without a disposal. Understanding these risks will help you to decide if a garbage disposal is right for your septic tank. Did you know there are some great alternatives for garbage disposals?

Garbage Disposal Alternatives

A garbage disposal will overload your septic tank with solids. So what can you do with these items you usually would put into your garbage disposal? A cow, a pig or a goat could be options. Unfortunately thats not an option for most. So, what about a compost? You can see many options with a quick search on amazon. Many are designed to be simple and easy to use. If you like to garden, many people feel that compost if the best fertilizer possible.

Your septic system should work for years without problems if you have it regularly inspected and cleaned out. Call us today to set up your septic system to be cleaned. Never put it off only calling the experts at 2am when the toilets are backing up.

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