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Cold Weather and Your Septic System

The septic system at your house relies on natural processes and bacteria. Because of this process the weather and temperature can have an effect. Cold weather can slow down the processes used by septic systems. Let dive into this a little further and what you can do to help your system function as it is designed.

How Bacteria Works

Your septic tank is full of anaerobic bacteria, and in a healthy tank, they are thriving. This is because they have an unlimited food source, which is your waste. When the waste water enters the tank, the bacteria get right to work eating and digesting the waste. Solid waste is then turned into liquid and gases. Believe it or not, they are responsible for over half the decomposition that goes on in your system. All this without even being able to see them. As long as they are heathy, they keep working. Healthy bacteria is a careful balance which can be affected by chemicals, too much water, and cold weather!

How Cold Weather Affects Your Septic System

You are probably wondering why we have an article about cold weather when we are located in Southwest Florida. Well the truth is that the temperature does affect your septic system. When the temperature drops below 70 degrees in your tank, the bacteria slow down in their ability to eat. In most cases the warmer the better up to about 95 degrees.

So what happens when the temperature drops below 70 degrees? There are 2 aspects of your septic system that are affected, the drainfield and the tank. As the temperatures drop the soil can become harder and more compacted. This can lead to the drainfield not being able to handle as much water as warmer weather. Extra water around the tank can be a problem too especially from hurricanes and storms we get every rainy season.

Fortunately in Southwest Florida we don’t need to worry about freezing cold, or freezing pipes. We should take it easy and try to reduce our water usage during cold snaps or storms in our area. Showing a little love for your septic tank system can make it love you back by performing year after year.

We always suggest regular maintenance, and service to make sure your tank is working as it should. Spotting problems early and regular cleaning will prevent problems in the future. Give us a call or complete our online form. Our family owned business has been providing top services for decades.

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