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If you are currently not under a scheduled septic system maintenance plan, you might be surprised when your toilets don’t flush one night. While septic systems are designed to be relatively maintenance free, regular service and cleaning can prevent an emergency situation.

My Drains and Toilets are Slow

Flushing the toilet and realizing the water is rising rather than falling can be quite scary. If this happens, the first thing you need to do is check the toilet for a clog. Not really sure how to clear a clog? Here are a couple easy ways to clear a clog. You will then want to check other drains and toilets. If others in your house seem to be draining as they should, perhaps the clog is just in your toilet. Whew! What if your other drains are slow, then what. Read on.

What Can I Do Now To Help

If you determine that all your toilets or drains are slow, you immediately need to stop using as much water as possible. Do not run your washing machine, dishwasher and don’t take any showers. You don’t want to make the situation worse. Next you’ll want to give us a call at Martin Septic Service or complete our online request form. We are the top rated septic tank pumping companies in Charlotte County. Explain to us what is going on so we get the right crew out to your house.

How To Prevent Early Septic Tank Pumping

So how can you avoid the surprise of a backed up septic tank? You should check out our blogs. Each month we write on varies topics to help you save money. Septic tanks repairs can be expensive. Many can be avoided by following some practices to keep your tank running as it was designed. You want to make sure you avoid wasting water, flushing the wrong things down the toilet and planting trees around your septic drainfield.

Schedule Your Septic Tank Pumping & Inspection

We do not offer 24/7 pumping services. We do offer the best scheduled maintenance and inspection services in all of Charlotte and Sarasota Counties. If you start to notice problems, can’t remember when your septic tank was pumped last or recently purchased your home give us a call. Martin Septic Service will do our best to schedule a septic tank pump out. We also will inspect your system and provide you with a report on any concerns that we see.

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