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The area’s top septic tank expert, Martin Guffey, shares tips after a woman in North Port falls into an old septic tank and dies. Martin Guffey of Martin Septic services was interviewed by NBC news regarding this tragedy and what you can do to avoid this problem and danger for your family.

  • “Anytime you’re doing anything with a septic tank, if you’re getting it pumped out, be there, ask what’s going on, ask questions, cause you’ll see and learn more about it,” Martin Guffey said.
  • “She had told her neighbor she had gotten a pump out and whoever had pumped it recommended a lid replacement or a tank replacement, I’m not sure what some sort of repair. She felt like maybe the guy was not telling the truth so she didn’t believe it,” Guffey said.
  • “In my opinion, if a person pumped their tank every 5 years you’re going to have a lot better chance of finding a problem before it becomes catastrophic,” Guffey said.

If you have a septic tank that is old, or you don’t remember when it was pumped or inspected last, give us a call. We will inspect your tank to give you peace of mind. Septic tanks are available in concrete or plastic. Contact us to find out if a replacement is right for your property. Having your septic tank pumped often can also reduce repair costs in the future by addressing any concerns when they first appear.

Click to read the article in the SUN North Port May 11, 2022

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